Acquisition Criteria

Jones Development Group and related entities have purchased and developed in excess of 2,000,000 square feet of commercial properties.  JDG acts only as a principal in its acquisitions.

Brokers will be protected without a listing.  Brokers will be involved during project acquisition, leasing and sale.  BROKERS ARE JDG TEAM MEMBERS!

JDG’s general acquisition criteria is outlined below:

Property Types: 
1.  Commercial land for shopping center use,
2.  Anchored and unanchored commercial properties,
3.  Leased and vacant retail buildings,
4.  Value added properties, and
5.  Single or multi-tenant commercial buildings.

Geographic Areas of Acquisition Interest:
1.  Southern California,
2.  Central California, and
3.  Central Coast.

1.  GLA of at least 10,000 square feet.
2.  Sites that will accommodate GLA of 10,000 sf or greater.
3.  “Sweet spot” is 100,000 sf of existing GLA or land that will permit 100,000 sf of building area.

Acquisition Price Range:
$1M to $50M

Submittal Information:
1.  Area map                                                            
2.  Assessor’s Parcel Map                                   
3.  Price & terms (if available)                       
4.  Ownership information                                    
5.  Zoning information                                   
6.  Engineering information (if available)          
7.  List of possible tenants                                   
8.  A project idea 

Submittal Information:
Existing Buildings
1.  Site plan
2. Price and terms (if available)
3. Rent roll
4. Operating expenses (if available)
5. Area map
6. Competition map (if available)
7. Pictures (if available)
8. A "napkin" pro forma